Design audit

Design Audit

Get a new perspective on your packaging – it only costs a little of your time

May we offer you a design review of your packaging?

Our art designers and innovative team are ready to inspire and guide you for your next packaging.

Are you interested in creating your own unique gift wrap for the stores or optimising the shipping packaging for the web shop?

When you consider your packaging design across your sales channels, you also create a clear and distinct visual profile that your customers will recognise regardless of whether they buy your products in store or online.

Get a design audit

A new perspective on your packaging design is 100% non-binding and free of charge – of course.

May we invite you into our Creative Lab?

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Optimise your packaging strategy with a personal packaging review

You will get inspiration for:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Materials
  • Unboxing experiences
  • Optimise your packaging with a focus on sustainability.


Get a new perspective on your packaging design.

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With a passion for packaging

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Design is key

Let us invite you into a world of bold colours and patterns,
magnificent materials, innovative designs and sustainable solutions.



Now, send it!

Want your products to arrive both safe and in style? Here is what to avoid and what to embrace in e-commerce packaging

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Get your packaging strategy in 3 steps

Have you thought about your company’s packaging strategy? We find that many stores and webshops plan their packaging on a case-by-case basis. Is this your strategy too?

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