We add value to your company through packaging

We are your strategic and creative packaging partner and help you with everything from the idea to the finished production and distribution of your packaging.

We help create vivid packaging experiences through innovative and inspiring packaging design.

Consumers experience your packaging as part of your print, and this helps define their perception of your company. Packaging represents your brand’s physical dimension. Consumers have an intuitive sense of who you are when they get hold of your packaging. They can feel the quality and see the aesthetic details in the design.

Since 1988, we have secured high-quality packaging for multiple sectors, and today we are one of Scandinavia's largest providers of store and webshop packaging. We design and stock a comprehensive range of wrapping paper, boxes, ribbon, wine packaging, and all the other accessories needed to create a complete and coherent packaging solution for your store and webshop.

"We look forward to continuing the good work together"

“We have experienced considerable growth in recent years, so it has been important for us to adapt our packaging along the way. Scanlux Packaging has contributed with good design proposals, good sparring, and help with packaging, making it a better experience for our customers to shop with us. The collaboration with Scanlux Packaging has made it significantly easier for us to stay focused on our core business.”


Lene Jensen, FLOYD


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The brand experience is your brand

We are committed to our ambition to deliver the very best consumer and brand experiences with our packaging solutions for both stores and webshops around the world. In our opinion, the best way for us to achieve this is by being an inspiring and creative partner. You get the maximum value out of your packaging through close collaboration with our design developers and packaging specialists.

Our vision is: Scanlux Packaging aims to be the preferred outsourcing and logistics partner for businesses both locally and internationally so that our customers can focus on the things they’re best at.

Jan Kornelius, CEO, Scanlux Packaging

The assortment on our webshop is shaped by the newest trends and technologies on the market, and the products cover a broad range – from wrapping paper, bags, and gift boxes to accessories and gift card boxes. Dive into an inspiring world of colours, patterns, materials, qualities, and design options and get reliable and efficient day-to-day delivery.

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It’s easy being a customer

At Scanlux Packaging, we work closely with our customers, making it easy for you to keep track of where you are in the process. For this reason, it’s also important to us that you as a customer always know what we can offer you and the value we can add to your business.

Our mission: At Scanlux Packaging, we use our extensive experience and expertise in retail packaging and brands to optimise our customers’ packaging and put together innovative solutions.

Jan Kornelius, CEO, Scanlux Packaging

We want to make a difference to your everyday life with solutions that match your needs and challenges so that we can make a difference for your brand. This applies whether the case at hand is the production of a paper bag, shipping boxes or a larger complete solution, where we stand for design, production and distribution to your stores and webshop.

By delegating responsibility for logistics to us, you make savings on storage, distribution and administration. At the same time, we ensure that you get flexible and demand-driven delivery that saves you time and resources centrally and locally to each store. Our aim to deliver the best experiences originates from 3 key principles at Scanlux Packaging: We are:

  • Innovative of Mind
  • Sustainable at Heart
  • Responsible in Action

Innovative of mind – creative concept development, design, and adaptation

Packaging is an ideal way to tell a story about your brand. It’s your opportunity to communicate the company’s core values and visual profile by positioning your brand in consumers’ memories. We constantly strive to be fully updated on the newest knowledge, trends, and technological possibilities. This applies to the choice of materials as well as to the development of manufacturing processes and innovative designs. We inspire you with beautiful designs that convey your company’s brand and create brand recognition with the right combination of colours, patterns, styles, and packaging types.


Our packaging specialists have years of experience in bringing brands and messages to life so that they attract attention and create value for the company. We make your ideas a reality.

Sustainable at heart – development, and sustainability

We pay particular attention to our goal of being able to set new and higher standards when it comes to sustainable packaging. We do this through the use of alternative and environmentally-friendly material choices and through development and sustainable production. This way, we can help you steer your profile in a more sustainable direction, making both your packaging and your brand more attractive in consumers’ eyes. “Our project to get more environmentally-friendly packaging for our business is a success. We have received many positive comments from our customers who think it’s great that our bags can now be recycled, which shows that this is something our customer segment is also focused on.”

– Thor Sverre Molle, logistics director at Brandsdal Group, BliVakker.

Over the years, we have obtained recognized environmental certifications, which are your guarantee that we live up to the prescribed standards and are able to provide evidence of our efforts when we receive inspection visits. Our ISO 14001 documents our general environmental management efforts and our FSC® certification (C152037) means that we can supply your packaging with the desirable FSC® label, which is the strongest label within sustainable forestry and is your guarantee that the forests are managed sustainably.

“Our project to get more environmentally-friendly packaging for our business is a success.”

Responsible in Action – production, logistics, and webshop

In a busy, everyday life, it is important to be able to act and make the right decisions quickly and effortlessly. This also applies when it comes to choice and purchase of packaging. Trustworthiness, quality, and confidence in the partnership with our customers are important. At Scanlux Packaging, we have the facilities, systems, and expertise needed to be able to deal with everything to do with logistics and distribution of packaging to your store.

Your daily logistical work is in safe hands with us – and this can save you unnecessary storage costs, resources, and time in everyday life. Here, your stores and webshop will be able to independently order packaging easily, quickly, and flexibly and have it delivered directly to the door as needed. We stock your assortment of packaging, so you avoid overproduction, backorders, or shortages.

We make it easier for you to manage your packaging, so you can concentrate on other important business goals that will drive your company forward.

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"We have received many positive comments from our customers who think it’s great that our bags can now be recycled, which shows that this is something our customer segment is also focused on.” 

Thor Sverre Molle, Logistics director at Brandsdal Group, BliVakker

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Responsible in Action

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It is essential to act and make the right decisions quickly and effortlessly in a busy, everyday life. This also applies when it comes to the choice of your packaging supplier.

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