Design audit

Design Audit

“Do you have any bags?”

- The story of our company

Rewind to 19-year-old Jan Kornelius, who in 1988 designed a special bag for fruit with his friend. Before long, he was selling the bag to grocery stores across Copenhagen - and the business quickly took off from there.

"I sold Receipt Rolls back then. And then there was someone who asked: 'Do you have any bags?' Jan Kornelius was just 19 years old. But he already had a lot of experience with retail - and was fascinated by it. Together with a friend, he went home and designed a special bag for fruit. Before long, he was selling the bag to grocery stores in Copenhagen. It was in 1988. Today, Scanlux Packaging is one of the largest packaging companies serving the retail industry in Scandinavia.

The environment has always been important.

"Since we started, our concept has been to analyse and optimise our customers' packaging to create a unique and inspiring design that matches their needs and brand. This means that we have always helped customers choose the most efficient materials and reduce waste. So when demand started to grow for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we were ready," says Jan.


Today, Scanlux Packaging has grown into one of Scandinavia's largest providers of retail packaging and services several markets, primarily in Europe.

The story

Jan Kornelius was 19 years old in 1988 when he and his friend designed a special bag for fruit. Before long, he was selling the bag to grocery stores throughout Copenhagen. From here the business quickly took off, to today be one of Scandinavia's largest providers of branded retail packaging.

We pay attention to the details.

We are passionate about every detail. The material, the angles, the perfect folds. We work with you to create packaging designs that take your brand's core values to the next level - whether it's customised solutions, innovative materials or sustainable options.


"Strongly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, we create packaging experiences that extend and support brand stories before, during and after unpacking."

Your requirements for your packaging make us better packaging designers.

Today, our customers make far greater demands on creativity, design, materials and sustainability. Looking back 20 years, the focus was largely solely on the price. Back then, many people just wrapped their goods in newspaper and put them in a random box before sending them off.

The need to differentiate oneself today is enormous. Competition is steadily increasing and customer demand has changed significantly. We are pleased that you, as a customer, are making greater demands on your packaging today. We are driven by creativity and innovation.

We are constantly looking for new materials, new ways to optimise material consumption to protect the environment and at the same time create unique packaging solutions that enhance your brand.


You know your business, and we know everything about the development and production of packaging. Together we create unique packaging solutions for your company. It is an inspiring work process, which also gives the best result.

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We are FSC® certified (C126290) and have many years of experience in guiding our customers to more environmentally friendly packaging. Let's find the best fit for your business together.

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