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Design Audit

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Bags, boxes or gift wrapping?

We can help elevate your brand experience no matter the packaging. For state-of-the-art unboxing moments in e-commerce or sustainable gift wrapping paper with a unique design in-store. Apart from tailor made designs, we also offer a wide range of beautiful and intriguing packaging designs ready to order from our web shop. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your products.


“We nurture creativity in every step of our packaging production”

Jan Kornelius, founding partner

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curiosity & being nerds

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inventory - everything

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There are many levels of sustainable production. We will not decide what is the right shade of green for your brand. However, since we are FSC® certified and know exactly how big or small a Carbon footprint different packaging leaves, we can guide you to make the sustainable choice that best suits your company.


We enjoy working with

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