Images and illustrations that can be used by the press

In Scanlux Packaging’s image archive, you have access to images of:

  • Building
  • Warehouse
  • Staff
  • Products

The images may only be used for editorial use in connection with articles and stories directly related to Scanlux Packaging. The images are owned by Scanlux Packaging.

Always remember to seek permission before use.

Use of photos must comply with copyright rules. When using Scanlux Packaging’s images, state: Scanlux Packaging/the photographer’s name. The photographer’s name will appear in the file name of each image in the image archive.

Commercial use of Scanlux Packaging

Scanlux Packaging’s business characteristics (understood as the elements that are unique to Scanlux Packaging – including logos, their own products, people and other graphics as well as the packaging, building and website) may not be used in any commercial context without the prior agreement and written permission of Scanlux Packaging A/S.

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