Environmental Fee

Environmental Fee


We are ISO 14001 and FSC® certified

At Scanlux Packaging we have an environmental focus and are working towards sustainable production. This means that Scanlux Packaging is certified with ISO 14001 and FSC® 

To be able to live up to these standards, as well as to our customers’ demands for environmentally conscious production practices, there are a number of requirements which we are committed to.

These require us to continually invest in our production setup, as well as in our handling and disposal of materials.

Amongst other things, we have committed to complying with the following certification requirements:

  • Regularly examine and adjust our production planning to ensure the production and delivery of ‘green’ customised packaging
  • Regularly have our internal production processes reviewed by independent advisors
  • Maintain a constant focus on optimal, environmentally friendly distribution, in which we monitor fuel consumption, amongst other things
  • Check and adapt our production to ensure, amongst other things, optimal use and disposal of water-based inks
  • Regularly check and adapt our paper production to ensure sustainable and legal logging

This means that when you purchase products and services from Scanlux Packaging you are contributing, via the environment fee, to maintaining sustainable production. For this reason, an environment fee of 3,85% of the invoice amount up to a maximum of 52 EUR and a minimum of 3,00 EUR will be added per invoice.