We will be happy to work with you. Please notice that we have a minimum order quantity for all customized products. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) – bespoke packaging:

Product MOQ
Plastic bags 6.000 pcs.
Paper bags, budget 6.000 pcs.
Paper bags, luxury 2.000 pcs.
Ribbons – polyester 50 rolls
Ribbons – satin 15 rolls
Tissue paper 10 pkg.
Gift boxes, budget 2.500 pcs.
Gift boxes, luxury 500-1.000 pcs.
Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls 10-15 pcs.
Custom Label Print 6.000 pcs.
Shipping boxes 1.000 pcs.
Shipping bags 12.000 pcs.

Minimum order quantity varies depends on the design for Gift Box-Luxury and Gift Wrapping Paper roll.

For smaller minimum order quantities of our original products, we recommend visiting our webshop.

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