Tape for packaging and shipping

Although tape has existed for nearly 100 years, it is still one of the most important ingredients for successful packaging, whether it’s a question of small gifts that need to be wrapped tightly, or huge cardboard boxes for shipping. At Scanlux Packaging you can find the absolute essentials for when you need to work quickly and effectively with tape.

Our tape is made from cellulose, which provides a good balance between adhesive ability and easy unrolling. Cellulose is a biodegradable plastic material, making it a relatively eco-friendly choice as far as tape goes. In our range, you can find cellulose tape in two different sizes – one with a small hole that fits our tabletop dispenser, another with a large hole that fits the handheld dispenser.

Tape dispensers make taping easy

Tabletop tape dispensers are often seen in offices, but they are also a great choice for smaller packages. Wrapping paper and gift boxes, for instance, and other packages where the opening and other small slits need to be sealed tight. The dispenser fits tape with a small hole and is also fairly heavy, which means it doesn’t easily slide around on the table.

A handheld tape dispenser is an essential tool if you need to pack lots of packages for shipping during the course of the day. The dispenser does most of the work itself – no more than a light touch with the hand is needed to release the tape, stick it to the item and cut the tape. You can use all rolls of tape with a large hole from our range with this tape dispenser.

Before you start

For good taping, you really need good shipping materials. At Scanlux Packaging you can find a wide range of different types of packaging for shipping. Also remember that corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap are great for wrapping and padding out packages if there is empty space in them. This makes it possible to give your products the best possible protection.

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