Personalised gift packaging

In addition to products such as gift boxes and tissue paper, here you can find the finishing touches for professional and appealing gift packaging in various sizes and looks. Our range is aimed at both the summer market and the busy Christmas months, but also includes entirely neutral details and tags suitable for the whole year. Our rustic hang tags and self-adhesive decorations are high quality and help to add a personal touch to your packaging.

Unique gift wrapping and decorations

Our masking tape is a clever and decorative solution to gift wrapping, as it is easy to rip into pieces while also being highly adhesive. The tape can be used with ribbon, stationery paper and wedding invitations as a creative contrasting element, not least when paired with our matching bows and wrapping paper.

Cellophane is another option for a different kind of packaging – everything from flowers to wine and delicatessen items and similar products will retain their look. This thin plastic material is available both in small bags, with or without a shaped bottom, and in larger rolls, which are more versatile, in various sizes and which of course can be cut to size on both sides.

Cellophane packaging is best finished off with a beautiful ribbon. No matter how you choose to use the ribbon, you can add a finishing touch by using a ribbon splitter which allows you to easily split and curl the ribbon for maximum effect. The ribbon splitter can be used with all the ribbons in our range.

Is the item going to be exchanged?

If your company allows exchanges, our small exchange labels which can easily be added to different kinds of packaging could be a great idea. Our transparent sealable bags are available in three different sizes and ensure a beautiful look, while the seal guarantees that any item that should be returned has not been opened.

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